Astral plane – a view of the astral world

Most astral travelers are very interested in using two planes – the physical plane and the astral plane. The physical plane also called the earth plane consists of all physical elements or objects. On the other hand, the astral plane though closely related or associated with the earthly plane is a bit more complicated. It is said that within the astral plane there is an exact simulation or copy of the Earth’s plane and all its elements.

These are not exact copies but replicas of physical items. Every object on Earth has an exact copy in the astral sphere. The important thing to remember is that the human being under flesh and blood is primarily a soul within the shell of the body. This spirit is connected to all other beings through their souls.

There is always a connection preserved within spirits, and thus the astral counterparts represent the connections between the spirit world and physical beings. Everything and everything that happens in the earthly or physical world has an effect on its counterpart in the astral world. So we have now come to the conclusion that the astral world consists essentially of two kinds of souls—the souls of those who have passed on from the physical world and the souls of those who are still in the earth or physical plane.

Because of this fact, we exist as spirits primarily so that in the physical world we can experience dreams, out-of-body experiences, etc.

There is a strong link between the astral projection plane and the earth plane, and it is through this bond that spiritual guidance and help is given. Thus, the astral projection level is essentially the connection or entrance between the physical plane and the higher stages of the spirit world. The plane of astral projection is so called because inside it there is light that shines like stars, and the word “aster” in Latin mainly refers to the stars.

The astral domain is essentially a place where the soul goes when it departs from the physical world. Each person eventually transcends as a soul in the astral world. It is on this plane or world that the being really tends to experience transformation, forgiveness, and healing. It is the place where one truly joins one’s loved ones. People often associate the astral realm with evil and negativity because it is the level where you deal with negative elements of yourself.

But this is far from reality or the truth. It is basically a plane or world in which one actually realizes what they have made of their lives, confronts themselves and their actions, and ultimately evaluates themselves in an unbiased way. Although some of these procedures can be challenging, the end result is summed up in two words that describe – healing and transformation.

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