What is the best Rift PvP class? Discover the best class in PvP Combat In Rift: Telara planes

Today you will learn about the best Rift PVP class. If you are a big fan of PVP combat, but you are not sure how to create a strong character that will stand any test that is put upon it, then you need to read this guide. Player versus player combat is very different from normal combat, and the invites/classes and techniques that work there don’t work so well in the PvP world.

The best connection (or class, if you prefer to use the old term) for PvP combat in the Rift is Warrior. While you may have read that Rogue is the looser connection in general, when it comes to Player vs Player combat, you really need the extra strength and fighting power that a Warrior brings to the table.

Now that we’ve determined that Warrior is the best Rift PvP class, what’s the best soul or character build for combat?

Both Void Knight and Riftblade spirits are very powerful in PvP combat. Together, these two spirits will provide you with an excellent base for defense and offense against magical character builds and physical damage. In particular, wizards and clerics will have a hard time beating Void Knight, as he specializes in defense against cast magic. The Rift Blade is excellent at blocking physical damage attacks, so you’re well-rated for all types of defense.

Since the Warrior-Rift Blade/Void Knight combo is so good on defense, and you can dish out an enormous amount of physical damage, you can’t defeat (provided you have the right amount of skill and don’t fight outside of your league) only the bard can make a challenge, Up to level 19-20. After this point, the Warrior will launch a missile in front of the Bard in the PvP stakes. The bard’s effectiveness has also been reduced by two game updates. When Rift: Planes of Telara first released, Bard was a very strong call. However, its strength was now greatly reduced.

In conclusion, the best class in Rift PvP is Warrior, with Rift Blade and Void Knight. Put points and effort into this build and you will reap the rewards of your efforts. Player vs Player is one of the most fun games you will have with your Rift, so make sure you have a good build for it.

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