How to practice ghost tennis

What is the ghost of tennis? It’s not someone’s soul for sure as it has been passed down. The stealth is when you play a point alone without a ball. This teaches you to rehearse every shot or movement around the court, just as if you were playing a real game situation. Let’s take a look at a common problem “Do you find it hard to follow your front stroke?” Stop your hammock too early?

Before you start with your shadow, feel the beat with a good follow-up. Just warm up gently by hitting the tangent of the leading hand. To achieve this, put some tape on top of the wrist of your striking hand, and extra tape on the shoulder of your non-hitting arm. Then as you practice, try connecting two pieces of tape at the end of your follow-up.

Set up the drill by marking where the infield homerun meets the baseline, and this is where you would hit the ball if you were hit from the center of the baseline. You can practice shadows at first by starting in a ready position, start slowly with a skipping step and small jumps on both legs at the same time. Then turn to the side you’re going to hit the imaginary tennis ball with, and make sure you keep coping until you actually hit the ball. The important thing here is to make sure that you are balanced when your arm is used to swing and connect. Keep one foot on the ground for a split second, this will help you control your swing.

To make sure you shade correctly, have a friend observe and rate your practice. When you first start to get ghosted, you might feel a little awkward. The reason for this is that if you don’t hit right, the shadows will spot you. If you find you’re not coordinating, stealth is in slow motion. Feel the follow or balanced foot as you swing your arm. Notice the difference it makes, have fun and enjoy your accomplishments. Always make sure that you are warming up well and that you are in good health, shadows can be very demanding. The goal would be 5 reps for beginners comfortably and then build up as you like. It may be more advanced 20 reps at the time you set. Do not overdo the practice with quality and progress.

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