How to find the best air ambulance company

People are getting sick and infected every day across the country and around the world. Some of these people will need a medical flight on a fixed-wing aircraft. These special planes are configured like flying hospitals or intensive care units “ICUs” in the sky. They transport the sick and wounded anywhere in the world. These planes are called air ambulances.

What is an air ambulance?

An air ambulance is a jet or fixed-wing piston aircraft. These aircraft carry medical equipment on board. They carry things like ventilators, stretchers with bases, multichannel intravenous pumps, and more. They generally have medical staff consisting of a flight nurse, EMT, or physician on board. These trained professionals monitor and care for the patient during the flight.

What type of aircraft is used as an air ambulance?

Some medical air carriers use piston planes but most of the high quality ones use piston planes. Among the planes in use are jet planes such as the Learjet 31, 35 and 50. These planes are state-of-the-art, fast, safe and efficient. Learjets can fly at altitudes of 45,000 feet and speeds of 500 mph.

The best air ambulance company

Medical air carriers must be experienced. They must have the appropriate credentials and certifications for traveling patients. They must employ experienced, trained, and skilled medical professionals and own and operate their own fleet of aircraft.

Only the best air ambulance companies are CAMTS accredited. These companies are some of the best companies that eat what they do. These companies are also ARG/US Gold rated and licensed. These are very important things to look for when doing your search for an air ambulance. Other things to consider are how long the air ambulance company has been in business and whether they are a broker or own and operate their own aircraft. Operating your own aircraft is important because brokers use other companies’ aircraft. Companies that operate their own planes are safer because they know the history of the planes they fly.

What are the services provided by the Air Ambulance Company?

People looking to hire an air medical carrier need to ask the right questions. Ask about the services provided. Does the company handle the insurance aspects for you? Do they contact your insurance company and act as your advocate? Does the medical flight team stay at the patient’s bedside – known as a bed-to-bed service?

Is the company trustworthy and with integrity? How long have they been in business and do they have any complaints? Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? What about safety? This is especially important for the question. Have they had accidents and accidents?

International and local medical trips

Can the company you are talking about handle the job? Can they fly internationally? Do they have the right types of aircraft, such as jets? How much experience do they have flying internationally?

Cost and insurance

You need to know if the company is doing the payment for the trip correctly. Are they familiar with Medicare and other insurances? How do you know if they are giving you a fair price? Be sure to ask how the cost of the trip is determined.

What else should be considered when choosing an air ambulance

Some other things to ask are:

  1. Does the company have a medical director who supervises flights?
  2. Are they licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration?
  3. Are they licensed in their state?
  4. Are they insured?
  5. Is there a nurse and paramedic on every trip?
  6. Are the planes they use pressurized?
  7. Is the medical staff highly trained?
  8. Do they provide continuous bedside care?

Also ask about the pilots they use. How are pilots trained? What type of annual continuing education do they have?

Other services provided by air ambulance.

Some air ambulance companies can provide the purchase of members. Sometimes, people need an organ transplant and they need an organ transplant right away. There may only be a small window of time. Air ambulance Companies that use airplanes can fly fast on members. Companies like this one have private vehicles for buying members, a fleet of fast jets, and a 24-hour call center. Asking all of these questions and looking really closely at the company you choose can make all the difference in the way your trip goes and in your overall experience.

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