How to create a new awareness

As your own awareness grows, it will allow more knowledge to enter your life and expand your awareness in all dimensions. Are you ready for this and what measures have you taken to protect yourself from pollution?

Common places where your energy may be polluted are on the train, on the bus, at work, concert, sports arena, disco, restaurant, shopping center, in the gym, in the car, in the car, taxi, tram; Chatting on the phone, in the doctor’s waiting room, casual sexual encounters, in class, sitting where someone else just sat, occupying an actual space where someone else has just been, standing in line to order pizza, places where people congregate and more. It happens naturally without you even noticing!

Formula for creating a new consciousness (your antivirus):

Be mindful of what you think, say and do (be positive at all times)

Be kind to yourself

Find the chakra regularly and cleanse the body with energy

Remember that energy flows where attention goes

Meditate and relax more often among nature

Express gratitude at the end of the day

Be more generous

Smile a lot (look in the mirror to be sure)

Practice thinking positive thoughts

Every morning, decide what kind of day you plan to spend

Be Present – Being in the present is powerful!

Practice deep breathing as often as you can

Learn to forgive (even if it’s hard to forget)

Write what you like about yourself (your strengths)

There are many helpful hints for avoiding negative energy but the strongest cases are when there is negative talk and thoughts. This should be avoided at all times, especially when showering or bathing, on the toilet, watching TV, relaxing or daydreaming, preparing food and eating because this is when your mind is most vulnerable and the deepest impressions are on your mental conditioning.

Everything you think, say, and do is filled with your energy, and may affect your vibration.

Avoid negative people, gossip, scandals, making others feel inferior, angry, complaining, yelling at others, thoughts of regret, revenge, planning to hurt someone, waking up with negative feelings or emotions, and being frustrated by limitations and limitations.

correct! Forget what the Kardashians are doing and don’t worry about who is bullying on Facebook.

Avoid following the pack just because you want to be accepted by someone else and feel part of that pack… Take a breath before you act and mind your own thoughts. Don’t give up your energy so easily!

Powerfully, you have already stepped through the portal and created a new awareness by avoiding negative energy. So, think good things every chance you get because “ideas become things.”

This is how you create a new awareness.

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