Cleveland Metropark Zoo: What to expect

A zoo is a place where people can see different types of animal species on public display in which they can also be raised. In fact, it is considered as one of the most visited sites worldwide; Almost all countries have at least one. For example, in northeastern Ohio, the Cleveland Metro Zoo is the largest must-see zoo in the country. It is divided into 5 geographical regions:

Cleveland Zoo Metropark Rainforest. This section contains a two-story building in which animals live. Moreover, it has its own rain falls and trees where the animals can somewhat experience a real rainforest. If you want to peek at those tigers, anteaters, crocodiles, fish and turtles, you can proceed to the ground floor. On the other hand, anacondas, snakes, orangutans, birds, and bats fall into the second level.

Cleveland Zoo’s African Savannah. Be a vet for a day by checking into this museum’s section. Interact with lions, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, rhinos, and flamingos in this area.

Northern Trek. If you are looking for entertainment with your family and loved ones, then you may want to visit the Northern Trek area where you can find polar bears, wolves, tigers, reindeer, and seals. You can feed them or let them sing to you.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is an Australian adventure. You can take the train from the walking tour. Check out koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and the local sheep and goats in this section.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Primates, cats and water games. If you are a fan of monkeys, cats, and aquatic life like piranhas, fish, sharks, and lemurs, you will no doubt enjoy a walk through this zoo section. This is also considered one of the most difficult areas to traverse along the way. For this reason, the zoo offered trams for visitors to enjoy the animals as well as the sights.

Cleveland Metroparks also has a Waterfowl Lake where adults and children can feed, play and touch the animals with the help of the personnel. Not only that, with the development of technology, the Cleveland Zoo has a Robotics Dinosaurs attraction that displays a lot of useful information about dinosaurs. On top of that, Cleveland Metro Park has its own amphitheater where you can watch another entertaining experiment by Professor Wilds after an almost perfect daytime ride.

The zoo offers limitless packages for adults and children at a reasonable price. For tickets and inquiries feel free to visit the Cleveland Metropark Zoo website.

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