Hayam the Cat Who Talked the Most by Pamela Douglas

Cats are notoriously curious as well as mischievous. They always manage to get into some kind of trouble caused by their curiosity or tendency to play with things. You’ll see that the author picked up on all of these things when you read her poems.

This book is the story of Hayam, a cat actress. The poems tell of Hayam’s experiences during his theatrical life and as a pet. Through the poems in this book, Hayam tells his side of the story. The book includes poems on many different topics.

It’s hard to choose between the poems because they’re all so good but some of my favourites: The Dressing Room where Hiyam discovered a piece of roast pork and said “It was so much better than the mouse I had locked up”. Rescue – Hayam climbed a tree but didn’t have the courage to get back down and the firefighters had to be called to help. Rattle monster when Hiam couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the tram. A love story when Malik Hayam got married and wondered what would happen because until this time he was the only man in the house.

This book of poems is well suited for readers of any age – from young to old. Everyone will love these poems but even more so if you are a cat lover. When Hayam describes the various events in this book, any cat owner will know what he is referring to because they have seen these things happen many times with their cat.

Many poems will make the reader laugh out loud. The author includes many delightful illustrations that coincide with the poems. Poems contain very descriptive language that helps the reader visualize exactly what the author is talking about. The amazing part of the illustrations is that the author, Pamela Douglas, drew them herself. The author does an excellent job of expressing her creativity through these poems.

After reading this book of poems, I now look at my cat in a different way. I often wonder, “What does his owner think of me?” This book of poems is a very interesting and entertaining read. It is exactly what one needs after a long, stressful day! This book is also an excellent way to introduce your children to poetry.

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