5 ways an executive cab differs from your standard cab

You may have heard the term Executive Taxi before, but wondered how it differs from the daily black cabs and regular taxis.

Exec Taxi are taxis with extra luxury. Yes, it is true that you will pay a bit more for an executive cab, but then you will get a lot more for your money in terms of amenities. Exec taxis are usually used for business or to celebrate a special event (such as a big birthday) and are generally not used for “getting around town”

Here are 5 ways in which an executive cab differs from your standard cab.

1. Bikers. Executive Taxi Drivers. Chauffeurs usually wear a uniform and a smart hat, and will provide personal service to passengers. Expect your doors to be opened for you and your driver to take care of your luggage!

2. Travel in style. Executive taxis provide transportation in style. Many executive taxis tend to be high end luxury MPVs so you can expect the best in terms of comfortable seats, air conditioning and maybe even a DVD player!

3. Expect to pay a little more. After all, you get what you pay for. Exec Taxi tend to be more expensive than the standard black cab, but when entertaining business clients they provide an easy way to make a great first impression.

4. Standard taxis tend to wait in places like airports for people looking for a way to get home. While you can still arrange a taxi to drive you home, they should be booked in advance, as they don’t just drive around looking for work.

5. Meet and greet service. One of the best things about booking a taxi exec is the meet and greet service. The driver will personally meet your customers/passengers at any specified location and drive them to the place you want them to go. Although a standard taxi driver may also offer this service, you can’t beat the elegant style of a chauffeur-driven taxi!

So there you have it. Although there are probably more than that, these are just 5 reasons why Executive Taxi is different from regular taxis.

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